BSF (Birthday Sunday Funday)


This weekend, we ended up celebrating the birthdays of several people, myself included.  Here is the list of people who were born around the same time that I hung out with this Sunday: Jeran, Larz, Chris, Josh, Jenny, Stella. (And, as I said, me.)

We started off at brunch at 36th Street Bistro. The food was good, but not great (we think they were a little understaffed for Sunday brunch). We then moved the party to The Lift, where we had a few drinks (or, at least, I had a few drinks) and some fun conversation on the patio. I went home for a couple of hours before heading down to Flying Pie for pizza and then we went to Club 44 for karaoke and a lot more drinks.

I took Monday off work, so I could recover. I pretty much spent all of Monday sleeping/relaxing so it was kind of a nice change of pace.

I got to hang out with some of my favorite people and had a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.


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