Flashdance at Modern Art (Modern Hotel and Bar, Boise, Idaho)


 Yesterday, an event occured called Modern Art, at the Modern Hotel as part of the Cinqo de Mayo festivities in Boise. At this event, I, along with about 20 to 30 other people of all ages performed in a Flashmob which we took to calling Flashdance.

The idea is, as described by the originator and co-choreographer of the dance, Janelle Wilson: What if a bunch of people get together and suddenly start doing the same dance, like they do in musicals.

Janelle also created the music mix, which includes popular 90’s songs Vogue (Madonna), Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory), Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) and Rhythm Nation (Janet Jackson). We have been rehearsing for this for about a month now. I am so glad I got involved with this and this will be a happy memory for me for a long time to come.

Thanks to Janelle, the  Modern Hotel and Bar and everyone else who came together to make this thing happen.


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