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Last night, was Pole-a-palooza 2011 at Ophidia Stuido. Ophidia Studio is owned and ran by my friends Allison and James. They have classes in Pole dancing, Zumba, burlesque dancing and others with an emphasis on fitness. The event was to show off the dancing skills of their instructors and students. Plus, they used this opportunity […]

40 years ago…


…the world recieved the gift of ME! (That sounds so pretentious!) It’s astounding how people are so surprised at my age when I tell them. However, it is true that I am 40 as of yesterday. To celebrate, I went to my favorite bar on Sunday night, Club 44 for some karaoke with a few […]

I’ve been practicing my mixing for my upcoming show at Pole-a-polooza 2011. (Click HERE for more information on the show.) I’ve recorded a couple of the mixes. You can listen to the latest mix:

Listen/Download here.