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Last night, we celebrated my friend Shannon Morgan’s birthday! (Her birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, but she was mired in Finals, so we had to wait.) The festivities started at 8PM, at Fattys Bar. We hung out there for a short time and waited for people to show up. We then moved […]

 Yesterday, an event occured called Modern Art, at the Modern Hotel as part of the Cinqo de Mayo festivities in Boise. At this event, I, along with about 20 to 30 other people of all ages performed in a Flashmob which we took to calling Flashdance. The idea is, as described by the originator and co-choreographer of […]

This weekend, we ended up celebrating the birthdays of several people, myself included.  Here is the list of people who were born around the same time that I hung out with this Sunday: Jeran, Larz, Chris, Josh, Jenny, Stella. (And, as I said, me.) We started off at brunch at 36th Street Bistro. The food […]

Last night, I was a contestant in a very fun gameshow called Chaos Contest. This happened at Fattys Bar in Boise. There were three teams of four competing in five rounds which were judged by a panel of three people. It was hosted by Janelle Wilson and Mikey Pullman. We performed crazy stunts such as […]

40 years ago…


…the world recieved the gift of ME! (That sounds so pretentious!) It’s astounding how people are so surprised at my age when I tell them. However, it is true that I am 40 as of yesterday. To celebrate, I went to my favorite bar on Sunday night, Club 44 for some karaoke with a few […]

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