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…since I’ve posted, but here is an update of what I’ve been doing: I have written a new track, with vocals by my really good friend, @superhootie. You can listen to it here. I have recorded 3 new Digeum mixes. (06Q, 06S and 06X). Check them out on the Digeum link in the navigation section. […]

Check it out here:

Here is what is coming up in the next couple of months: April 21 – Jenn and Larz’s wedding. I got my ordination so I can marry them. This is a really big honor for me because they have become some of my best friends over the last year. April 22 – The reception. April […]

New Laptop


I used my tax refunds to purchase a brand new 13-Inch Macbook Pro.  I am so happy. I can finally use Propellerhead Record (my old Macbook was just on the edge of being too old for it.) Here is a link to a quick 8-bar snippet of a song I started playing around with in […]

I finally recorded a new Digeum Mix. The previous mix I recorded was in November, 2010, so this one is long overdue. This is just shy of an hour and a half of dirty dubstep at 140 BPM. Check it out!