Last night, I was a contestant in a very fun gameshow called Chaos Contest. This happened at Fattys Bar in Boise. There were three teams of four competing in five rounds which were judged by a panel of three people. It was hosted by Janelle Wilson and Mikey Pullman.

We performed crazy stunts such as a bad-dance-off and a dirty haiku competition. My team, the Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious Intermediate Renaissance League of Treasure Valley (we went with the longest name we could think of, which garnered plenty of “Fuck You’s” from Janelle) didn’t win, but it seems like everyone competing and all of the audience had a great time.


40 years ago…


…the world recieved the gift of ME! (That sounds so pretentious!)

It’s astounding how people are so surprised at my age when I tell them. However, it is true that I am 40 as of yesterday.

To celebrate, I went to my favorite bar on Sunday night, Club 44 for some karaoke with a few of my friends. I sang some songs and had a great time. When midnight came around, I was treated to the 44’s birthday tradition. That is to say, a blow job shot held between the legs of…well…someone. In my case, my friend Kristal graciously volunteered. The idea is to grab the shot glass with your mouth without using your hands at all. I’ve seen many people fail at this, so I was a little concerned when it was my turn. I didn’t want to spill the shot all over Kristal.

However, I got my mouth around the shot glass and drank it down like a champ! I stayed out a little too late, but I really enjoyed myself that night and was only mildly tired at work the next day.

After work, I came home for a quick dinner and then went to rehearsal for the dance Flash Mob I’m going to participate in. This rehearsal was at the Eagle Performing Arts Center in Eagle, Idaho. I was a little late getting there, because my phone’s navigation wasn’t being very nice to me. I finally found the place and had a good rehearsal. It was really hot in the rehearsal space, so I got a good sweat going.

After that, I spent the rest of my birthday relaxing at home.

The real party is going to happen next Sunday. We’re combining my birthday celebration with my friends Larz, Jeran and Chris who were all born around the same time.

Also, coming up this week:

Tomorrow: Chaos Contest at Fatty’s. This is an improv game show hosted by my friend Janelle. I have decided to be a contestant, so it should be fun. I’m not sure what to expect, so I’m a little nervous but excited.

Thursday: The usual. The Naughties performing at Tom Graineys. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again! I love this band. They always provide a great time and I have fun whenever I go to their shows.

To leave you, here is the latest mix my boy Apollo Lee recorded for my birthday. It is a great mix. If you look closely at the tracklist, you might see a secret message.

Last night, I was hanging around at home when I see that Donald Glover tweeted out (I follow him on Twitter) that he and his band had stopped in Boise on their way through and wondered if people would be interested in seeing them do a short set. He announced that he was at Chandler’s Steakhouse and would be starting a set at 11:00 P.M.

So, I get dressed and drive to DT Boise as quickly as possible. Some of my friends were already there, so I pull up a chair and we hang around. Before too long, the band sets up and they start playing. It was a short 6 or 7 song set. The highlight of the set was the final song which he freestyled. The drummer asked Donald what he wanted, and he started beatboxing a beat, and the band just joins in. Donald then drops an awesome freestyle. Afterword, I got the chance to to say Hi and tell him that it was awesome.

I love that this happened. This is exactly what makes Twitter such an awesome social tool. Before I had Twitter, I would never have noticed that something like this was happening.

I’ve been practicing my mixing for my upcoming show at Pole-a-polooza 2011. (Click HERE for more information on the show.)

I’ve recorded a couple of the mixes. You can listen to the latest mix:

Tonight, I finally returned to Hip Hop class, after taking a few weeks off. We learned a combo to Ginuwine’s Get Involved. It was a short routine, but very quick. It was a lot of fun, and I’ve been away from class for far too long.

Afterward, I went and saw the Naughties play at Tom Grainey’s. It was a pretty small crowd this week, but they rocked it as usual. They did an amazing version of She Wants Revenge’s Tear You Apart with guest vocalist Chet (who DJ’s karaoke on Sunday nights at the 44.) I love those guys!

Here is what is coming up in the next couple of months:

  • April 21 – Jenn and Larz’s wedding. I got my ordination so I can marry them. This is a really big honor for me because they have become some of my best friends over the last year.
  • April 22 – The reception.
  • April 25 – My birthday. Nothing is really planned for this date. Mostly recovering from the reception.
  • May 7 – Joint birthday celebration for Larz and me. This is going to be crazy.
  • May 13 – Pole-a-polooza. I was hired by Ophidia Studio to DJ this event.

New Laptop


I used my tax refunds to purchase a brand new 13-Inch Macbook Pro.  I am so happy.

I can finally use Propellerhead Record (my old Macbook was just on the edge of being too old for it.)

Here is a link to a quick 8-bar snippet of a song I started playing around with in Record on my new friend:

Jay Def – Trust Your Voice

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